Unsigned Artist Of The Week :: Tin Sparrow

July 15th 2014


Meet the songbirds with tins full of emotion.

Tin Sparrow is born from the collective tune making of Matt Amery, Dean Mcleod and Mark Piccles. These three Sydney fellas understand your sad feels, know how to grab them and make them happy ones. Their single, ‘Echoes In The Dark’ has some pretty heavy ideas but they went and wrapped them in catchy warm stuff. In other words, go right ahead and finally watch the last episode of Friends/The Office/Call The Midwife (don’t act like it wouldn’t make you emotional), because Tin Sparrow can fill that empty void right on up the second the credits start rolling.

A sea of guitar licks, with eddies of cello and a pretty intense whirl of pop harmonies, there is a solid chance Tin Sparrow will bring on swimming weather a few months early. Just in time for the actual change of weather, their EP Shoelace Ring is expected to be out on October 3. It was recorded in just 5 days, and I would bet my collection of season finale DVDs it was filled only with guitar wielding and man hugs.

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