Unsigned Artist Of The Week :: Solid Dad

October 8th 2014

Solid Dad

Solid Dad probably has a beer in one hand and a spatula for the barbeque in the other, dropping them only to pick up some serious guitar.

When he’s not busy swearing off youths and telling you about how he would have played for Australia if it weren’t for his crook knee, the seemingly blustery fellow is plugging some serious grunge-riffs out. There isn’t much out about Solid Dad except he’s straight out of Sydney and bursting with some hefty vocals- like most dads, he is aware of the damn lack of privacy nowadays. Also, he’s actually a duo but I’m guessing whilst making music one person merges into the other to create the perfect human beer-gut.

Solid Dad has only released one song, and it is full of charm and Summer noise. Called ‘Kewl December’ Solid Dad knows how the kids are spelling it, but isn’t planning on losing the old school feel of lo-fi heat and beach ridden rock vibes. Have a listen, have a groove.

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