Unsigned Artist Of The Week :: Shūnya

April 22nd 2014

shunya 9

Whoever thought sitar, chimes and the world’s sweetest vocals would go with the kind of beeps that come out of your telephone was… well, pretty right actually and now they’re our Unsigned Artist Of The Week.

Meet Shūnya.


Shūnya, or Bal Singh as he’s known off stage, binds together the classical indian music he learnt in his family home with the electronic beats coming at him from every street corner. Even though Shūnya is in Melbourne right now, his music sounds as if he is making it from a beautiful garden on some distant planet. Calming, exotic and entrancing, these sounds have a way of beckoning you into a dream world that will take you away from this one, with no guarantees you’ll ever come back. He has created something completely original and exciting; something we could never have imagined but are so glad he has.

Shūnya has recently released his second EP, Petrichor. It is available as a ‘pay what you will’ on Bandcamp where you can also pick up some of his hand painted CDs. Yep, hand painted. Serious. Dude, I hyperlinked you – just check it out if you don’t believe me. The title track is definitely the most accessible on the record but it is worth delving a little further when you have time to really listen. You can also hear all the beats and ideas he’s put out on his soundcloud if you’re up for a bit of an adventure. We’d hazard a guess it’s worth keeping up to date.


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