Unsigned Artist Of The Week :: Playwrite

September 9th 2014

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Do you have a collection of sepia photographs that you’ve been waiting to look at until you had the right song for a nostalgic and emotional backdrop? Meet Playwrite and wait no longer, my photo loving friend.

Playwrite are five folky instrument wielders hailing from Melbourne. With building and heavily layered songs, these guys know how to make acoustic instruments fill entirely any room they get played in. This does not mean they are afraid of the old synth machine, only that any technological addition is framed in folk and the music retains the kind of natural movement that could have been recorded in a vast forest, or on a boat in the middle of a large, still lake.

Their latest single is ‘Whittaker’, and comes from the band’s debut album due out later this year. Retaining the layers of previous works, but slowing down just enough to inject even more feels, the single promises a real heart melter in what’s to come.


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