Unsigned Artist Of The Week :: North Arm

June 10th 2014


Making an emotional montage soon? Be sure to add sepia effects and have it soundtracked by North Arm.

North Arm is Roderick Smith, and the first thing you need to know about the novacastrian is he can wield a guitar. His riffs are delicate and mellow, but uphold the kind of pop vibe that will surprise you every time you realise you aren’t on a deserted beach and are, in fact, nodding your open mouthed head on public transport. North Arm is a founding member of Firekites who you might remember from their stellar 2008 record, The Bowery which very much goes toward explaining how North Arm got so good at the layered, lethargic pop that makes us love him so much now.

He released his debut EP last year, called Thought Lines, and it is jam packed with dreamy lo-fi sounds that make you feel like you should be emotionally watching old home movies from a projector. His latest single ‘Hollow Days’ (a pay-as-you-will on bandcamp) is a little heavier, hinting at a more electrified feel to his album, due out later this year.

I don’t know how he does it, but North Arm somehow brings an incredible level of energy to his laid back tunes, making him a must see live. He is playing at The Standard Bowl very soon, so go and have a geez.


What:  Visions #4

Who: North Arm + Buzz Kull + Noire + More

Where: The Standard Bowl

When: Saturday June 14

Cost: Free



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