Unsigned Artist Of The Week :: Montaigne

July 1st 2014

Montaigne hi res (1 of 1)

Our new favourite pop legend Montaigne is one heck of a storyteller, so bugger off Shakespeare.

Montaigne is blasting our hearts to smithereens with her weird and wonderful trills. Heated by excitable drums and a killer swirl of melody, her music is a cacophony of raw energy and rebellion.

Montaigne is the moniker of the unfairly talented Jessica Cerro. The 18 year old from Sydney has an EP called Life of Montaigne due out by the end of the year. Life of Montaigne is set to be a pretty cool release, described as a book and divided into song chapters. Both of the singles released so far, ‘I’m A Fantastic Wreck’ and ‘I Am Not An End’ are descriptive of an exploding crescendo of emotion to come. Her lyrics are intense and thrilling, as is her voice- and everything else featured for that matter.

Stay tuned for the brilliant stuff promising to come out of her soon.

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