Unsigned Artist Of The Week :: Mid Ayr

November 4th 2014

Mid Ayr - single release 2

Got wanderlust? Pop some headphones on and Mid Ayr can take you far, far away.

Mid Ayr is the solo project of Brisbane fellow, Hugh Middleton. With some time as the lead guitarist in Trouble With Templeton, he has mastered the art of building layers, soaring vocals and creating music so emotionally developed it could slip right on into the Lion King… you could definitely lift baby Simba up to this stuff, is all I’m saying. Softly upbeat and awash in tangled guitar and choral crooning, his first single ‘My Mayhem’ is an introduction you won’t be able to get out of your head, or stop yourself getting into everyone else’s.

Go grab a beer, sit outside with your best mates and just let Mid Ayr wash over you, ideally next to a campfire and with some extra feels up your sleeve.

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