Unsigned Artist Of The Week :: Luxembourg

July 8th 2014


Need to up your street cred in two minutes, fifty two seconds? Luxembourg has you covered.

Luxembourg is a gathering of three mega babes, Sarah O’Connell, Matt Chaplin and Victor Braguine. They have a penchant for making some of the most shoulder-shimmy worthy electronic music out there. Having only been together since late last year, the trio have already created some vigorous business.

Their debut self-titled EP comes out today, which means you can feast your ears on 5 tracks of twisted electronic music, easily mistaken for a super sexy robot’s heartbeat. With Sarah’s salty voice over dark synth, it packs one heck of an electric punch.

The EP features already released single, ‘People’, the self-produced video for which was filmed and edited in just two days. It’s Sydney all over and about as highly charged as you can get without your hair turning into Taylor Dayne’s. Incidentally it’s also below for you to have a geez at…

These guys are so freakin’ effervescent they are unable to stay on the continent and are hopping over to Berlin but you can stay tuned for their activity online, which apparently includes an album by the end of the year! Aw yeah.


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