Unsigned Artist Of The Week :: King Single

June 17th 2014

King Single

Do you like to point and wink at strangers in the street because there’s something pretty groovy playing through your headphones? Let me introduce you to King Single and we can creep out passers by together.

King Single (AKA Robert Nedeljkovic) is from Newcastle. His rolling, laid back tunes make it very easy to tell he is from a coastal town. To be honest, the first thing I thought after hearing his music was, ‘Have they figured out how to listen to music underwater yet?’ and, ‘If so, his songs would be perfect for a listening/pool party…’ *

This was followed shortly by, ‘Where can I find cool underwater themed evites?’ but I digress.

King Single’s tunes are full of soft, intricate guitar and enough layers to keep you warm and fuzzy even when it isn’t beach weather.

Robert is not always so super chill though. The busy guy released his EP Not Needed in April and has just offered up another killer track ‘Mayfield Life’, with intentions to give us even more within the year. This is on top of all the business he does with his bands, Bare Grillz and Lenin Lennon, who are both worth checking out for something a bit busier and harder.

Everything is available as a ‘Pay What You Will’ on bandcamp, so go and get some of that sweet sweet daydream music.


*A quick google search gave a whole bunch of responses that I did not feel like reading so am pretending the answer is ‘no’ and even though I have no use for said cool underwater themed evites I still have some pretty tops tunes to listen to (I’m talking about King Single’s).


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