Unsigned Artist Of The Week :: Jasia

April 29th 2014

Jasia Main

Need some feels? Unsigned Artist Of The Week, Jasia, has a bunch waiting for you.

Jasia, otherwise known as Josiah Willows, makes some pretty lovely stuff. So lovely, in fact, we premiered his debut single ‘Inverbatim’ and the accompanying video back in March. Jasia grew up in the US studying music and spends his time now travelling between Melbourne and London to create it. As a result, he has learnt how to make his songs fill spaces as big as the oceans he is always crossing. Jasia’s sound is abundant soundscapes full of orchestras, his own speccy vocals and some amazing samples.

So far, the Melbournite has only two releases, his single ‘Inverbatim’ plus a stunning cover of Frank Ocean’s ‘Forrest Gump’. In the latter, he takes a sample of  Korean author Young-ha Kim’s TED talk, asking people to create art and talking about why it is so important. Clearly taking Young-ha Kim’s advice and inspiring people on his own, Jasia is definitely one to watch. Check him out on iTunes if you like dreamy, textured, penetrating and overwhelming music. We know we do.



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