Unsigned Artist Of The Week :: Goldielocks

July 29th 2014


After an Unsigned Artist that cares about stranger danger and isn’t going to piss off three bears? Sorry buddy, you’re fresh out of luck.

Hailing from the nation’s capital, Goldielocks is now residing in Sydney. As it often happens in the diverse music scene of his new home, Goldielocks has managed to stir together a little somethin’ from all kinds of musical influences: jazz, soul, hip hop, trance and pretty much all the other fun stuff, to produce a near-overwhelming swirl of sound that is completely identifiable as his own.

Often beat-heavy, with warped vocals and the sneaky injection of an instrument you haven’t heard since school band practice (what do you mean the triangle can sound cool?), Goldielocks is getting pretty damn close to showing off.

His full Breathe EP is available as a free download. Check it out here:

The über dude’s musical background is as diverse as the sounds he plays with. He is a huge part of hip hop crew Bushland Prodigies and is one of the original members of psychedelic duo Moon Landing. His latest release, ‘Moonbeam’, is again different – a smooth, wandering and dynamic electronic track which we are playing a whole bunch on the station before its official release. With it comes flecks of bass and a stamp of the exciting production it is now fair to expect of him. Forget just right – Goldielocks is far too hot.

Stay tuned to his internet behaviour for more news.


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