Unsigned Artist Of The Week :: Fortunes

March 25th 2014

Fortunes Feature Image

What happens when you mix soul, electronic and the tightest of hip-hop production? Fortunes, that’s what.

A couple of weeks ago we were telling you about some music the elves from The Lord Of The Rings would make sweet, sweet love to. Well, remember that bit in the story where the elf lady runs off with a human? They needed a soundtrack too, and that’s where our Unsigned Artist Of The Week comes in.

Fortunes, a Melbourne two-piece otherwise know as Barnaby Matthews and Conor McCabe, are getting down with soul music and we are more than a bit keen to join in. These talented blokes are making it known that blurring the line between all the sexiest musical genres is on their agenda in a big way. It is very easy to put these slow but electric songs on repeat- particularly as their Come Home Early EP is available as a pay-what-you-will on bandcamp. The follow up single, “Keeper”, is even more breathtaking. It hints at a harder edge to the EP that we’re told is just around the corner. The only advice we can offer is when it does come around, turn up the bass, turn down the lights and listen naked.



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