Unsigned Artist Of The Week :: Fieldings

October 28th 2014

Lucinda Hearn - Fieldings

Fieldings likes instruments… all of them, and I’m not about to stop her putting them together.

Fieldings, also known as Lucinda Hearn, is a delightful charmer out of Sydney who writes and produces some honeyed and luscious ballads. Delicate layers atop her rich and grounded vocals are the trademark of her floating yet varied tunes. In her most recent song, ‘Come Easy At Me’ there are gullies of synth, placed next to mountains of classical guitar, with the end even featuring what sounds like an educational video. You can look forward to a full length release early next year, hopefully containing a similar dance between genres.

The undeniable lift her melodies produce could be attributed to the subtle synth, or the dance party coming out of the drum kit, or the pile of springy strings, take your pick- they’re in there. In any case, they’re all on her EP, which you can listen to in prep for the full length.

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