Unsigned Artist Of The Week :: Enschway

September 23rd 2014


Ready for some charm? Good, because Encshway ain’t turning it down.

Cronulla based young one, Enschway, has his mind on mixing synths and real life drums to give a three dimensional offering of effortless electronic flows. Dreamy storytelling, building rhythms and dark vocal undercurrents mark his musical business, and the production level allows a top quality listening experience while waiting for him to to play it live.

The guy still performs most of his craft at home because he is not yet old enough to be playing over 18 venues. This means his tracks also feature the occasional reference to indoor life; one in particular citing ‘Donkey Kong’ and ‘Mario’ as its sole, alternating lyrics. This little number is called ‘Veuve’ and I’ll be damned if it isn’t the most relaxed, catchy and smooth thing you could play through your kart speakers.

This business is all available to download fo frizzle on soundcloud. Get your mitts on it here.

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