Unsigned Artist Of The Week :: Elbee

June 23rd 2014


The best thing about Unsigned Artists is their ability to show us something new and exciting, to chuck us way into the future and tell us what music can be and to let us know it is just not done evolving. Elbee is one of those artists, and he knows how to do his job.

Lloyd Barrett is Elbee, and he is the kind of dude that’s hard to forget. He makes soft electronic productions; samples and beats wound together to be placed in only the most excitable earholes. Made right here in Sydney, his songs are loaded with anticipation, filled with whispers and hints at something to come. Even the repeat button doesn’t let Elbee fade into the background, his music is constantly grabbing attention and exhibiting something new. I’m talking mismatched beats locked together with a swirling of sounds I cannot place. I think he might have taken samples from inside a forest, or maybe a pixie’s head, at least that’s what it feels like.

With titles such as ‘Finger Nail Flam’, ‘Zeldomeld’ and ‘The Indexilarm Dimension’ to match the straight up weirdness of his music, the business coming out of Elbee’s beaker is exhilarating. The latest EP, Visions of Vactrols, is available as a pay-what-you-will on Bandcamp so go and bask in his experiments.

The future is bloody exciting.


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