Unsigned Artist Of The Week :: East

June 3rd 2014


She’s got rhythm, she’s got music, she’s got our hearts (of any age). Meet East.

There isn’t a whole lot of info out about this fresh faced babe, but that doesn’t stop us feeling like we know her. With raw and earnest lyrics matched only by her honest, anthemic voice, East tells a universal story of growing up and not really knowing exactly what that means. Her debut EP is said to be hitting our stereos in a couple of months time and it promises a mash-up of toe-tapping beats, weird background synth and proper ‘belt-it-out’ vocals.

Listening to the lead track ‘Old Age’, is like going back to those super angsty years when switches between apathy and fervor were more frequent than masturbation references in PE class- but then having someone tell you it was super OK to feel those feels.

Shit she’s cool.

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