Unsigned Artist Of The Week :: Cambio Sun

September 30th 2014


Weaving earthy jazz and electric layers, Cambio Sun is one to stop you in your tracks.

Cambio Sun is the brainchild of 19 year old Maroubra fellow Charlie Tait. Glitched instrumentation marks his work, as well as a mismatch of lofty yet earnest vocals. The songs also feature an undercurrent of melody that can sometimes comes up in truly brilliant electronica; the kind which you can’t quite pinpoint because it’s hidden under a bunch a tune filled layers but manages to sneak past your senses and right into your feels.

His sounds seem to be everbuilding. His latest tune ‘Finite’ demonstrates this like a boss, taking these sophisticated layers and stacking them into a choral, orchestral sound- eventually to be charged with a surprise cameo from the brass section. ‘Finite’, along with singles ‘Weight Of The World’ and ‘Intuition’, will be on a mini album that Cambio Sun is releasing in late October called Retisent. Stay tuned to his soundcloud for this wild and wonderful business.

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