Unsigned Artist Of The Month :: Yon Yonson

March 6th 2014

YY Feature Image

Photo by Nate Jay Photography

Andrew Kuo and Nathan Saad are experimental electro-synth-grunge-funk-pop duo Yon Yonson. Not one of those adjectives is unnecessary.

The Inner West pair have just released their second album Hypomantra, which, if listened to in one sitting, feels a lot more like a masterful compilation than one artist’s work. It is hyperactive and bursting with the frantic ideas: a unique mélange of jazz and hip hop samples sprinkled with a refreshing youthful cheekiness.

Yon Yonson don’t even pretend that pristine, polished songs are on their agenda. The album’s opening track, ‘Orontes Lane’, describes their music making process pretty honestly with the lyrics, “I never finish songs I just glue all of my demos together,” giving us fair warning of the manic tunes ahead.

But this doesn’t mean Yon Yonson haven’t found their sound. It means that their sound is completely volatile, fluid and more satisfying with each listen. We’re hooked.



Hypomantra is a ‘pay what you will’ on bandcamp, so listen to it there. Or listen on FBi Radio because we love them and are going to be playing them a bunch!


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