Unsigned Artist of the Month :: Jenny Broke The Window

February 4th 2014

Jenny Broke The Window

Also published in Time Out Sydney

South Coast five-piece Jenny Broke The Window make uplifting music that you can genuinely imagine a teenager breaking a window to.

And then the window’s owner would just laugh, and it would be fine. Everything is fine in the world of Jenny.

With light tropical vibes and a sprinkling of electronica, there’s a delightful straightforwardness to what this band does: they are simply dedicated to making great, catchy-as-hell songs.

The band’s debut self-titled EP explodes with positivity, charging through all of the pool parties, sneaky kisses and high school memories that the real world often makes you forget. No surprise, then, that the band met in high school – and probably broke a few windows!

The aural equivalent of popping candy, this is music you can’t help but grin to. Even if indie pop isn’t usually your jam, Jenny Broke The Window will reach in through your ears and curve up the corners of your mouth.



Jenny Broke The Window | Past Unsigned Artists



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