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April 8th 2014

Picture by Mulga

Audient know how to make a beat and they aren’t afraid to prove it.

Their intricate music takes the work of three guys; Beau Cummins, Josh Jones and Mitchell Gene. The Sydney dudes have somehow captured the feeling of the city’s best back rooms. Their sound is not only beat heavy but melodic, filling any space and seeming to turn the lights down all on their own. Audient‘s ambient base is clearly influenced by an array of electronica, world music, hip hop and the guiltier sides of R’n’B. Eclectic and smooth, the tunes will fit every time of day or night- as long as it’s played where dancing is appropriate.

With these futuristic sounds, the trio force you to imagine what is ahead and, let me tell you, it’s looking good. Tweens of today are going to need something to nostalgically grind to in the wee hours come 2020 – and my money is on Audient to be chief suppliers of the post-party groove.

If you want a glimpse into this future, their appropriately titled EP The Morrow is available as a ‘pay what you will’ on bandcamp.





Sam: When, why and how did you first start making music?

Audient: We started in 2012 as a result of now band members Josh Jones and Beau Cummins’ experimentation with instrumental post-rock influenced music, drawing inspiration from the likes of Radiohead, Mogwai and Decoder Ring. As more electronic musical influences began to shape production, our collaborative sound took on a new direction, incorporating Hip Hop, R&B, and 2-Step elements.

Never really anticipating what ensued, just needing vocals for a track, Mitchell joined the party and the three of us began working together, and simply didn’t stop. Soon enough We had a collection of songs together and a new favourite night of the week.


Where did you grow up? How do you think it’s influenced your sound, if at all?

We all grew up in south-west Sydney, although I wouldn’t say that played a major influence on our sound. If anything, growing up somewhere which is somewhat disconnected from the music we make probably made us more curious as to what’s actually out there, making it natural for us to incorporate the various influences we’d all be listening to and bringing that into the music as a whole.


Say you’ve just met me in a bar… How would you describe your music to me?

Eclectic, spacious and chilled.


Highlight of Audient’s musical life so far?

Releasing the EP was a big one, but being asked to be FBi’s unsigned artist of the month takes the cake.


Goals / plans for the future?

Plans for the immediate future are to play some good gigs, write some new material and continue to improve and grow our sound. Beyond that, we just want to put good things into the world and surround ourselves with people who want the same.




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