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July 24th 2013

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I’ve reviewed a number of bars and pubs now, and drunk in countless others, so to say that Mr Falcon’s is a great bar is an understatement.

The first time I went there, I attended a Burlesque performance, which is held every month on the first floor.

The show I witnessed involved balloons, rubber ducks, whips and bottle of Dentol.

Even if you tried to imagine what took place, you’d be way off. And the shows have only grown bolder and more entertaining over time… the last one I went to containing snakes and flaming nipple tassels.

Now, there are some who believe that stripping is a sad and depressing act.

And it is.

In Kings Cross.

At Mr Falcon’s, it was just a bunch of people having fun. If the crowd wasn’t wolf whistling and heckling, then Memphis May, the vixen running the show, would start hurling insults until she got a response from everyone. And to prove there was nothing sexist about the show, several male performers have made appearances, upstaging all the girls with acts that would leave a Cirque Du Soleil contortionist stunned.

Burlesque was the lure that brought me through the doors, but as the saying goes:

‘Come for the nipples, stay for the alcohol.’

… that’s totally a saying, right?!

Mr Falcon’s is perhaps the most unique bar in Sydney. It’s a cosy and inviting space. Each room takes on its own atmosphere, making you feel like you’re stumbling through some bohemian dream.


By far the deadliest/tastiest/most-likely-to-get-you-smashed item on the menu is the delicious Falcon Punch, which tastes like liquid happiness.

A jug of this wonderful concoction will set you back $20, and is the average price for cocktail jugs across the board. I highly recommend getting the Punch, if there’s any left.

Nick, the proud owner of Mr Falcon’s, is regularly found to be tending bar. But if his friendly presence is missing, you have nothing to fear. There are plenty of lovely bartenders ready to sell you Falcon Punch, sangria, mulled wine, bottled beers, or tickets to the next burlesque show (which, if you’re planning to attend, is worth picking up to make sure you get a seat). A small courtyard with an assortment of plastic stools, camping chairs, and wooden tables with lanterns filled with fairy lights, create an intimate area to stare longingly into your partner’s eyes as you slowly succumb to the influence of Falcon Punch.

Mr Falcon’s can be found on Glebe Point Rd, a location already brimming with amazing places to enjoy a drink. As such, it’s easy to skip past Mr Falcon’s when you’re on a pub crawl around Glebe, but you’d be missing out on a bar with a strong character, a fantastic range of drinks and a wonderful atmosphere. Mr Falcon’s is great bar in an area filled with great bars, but it is one of the few that stand out from the crowd and provide a truly unique experience.

It is, to be frank, my favourite bar in Sydney.


Daniel Prior




Mr Falcon’s

92 Glebe Point Road

Glebe 2037


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