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May 26th 2015


A collection known for supporting social justice.

The Art Gallery of New South Wales has teamed up with Sherman Contemporary to bring you a collection Asian contemporary art, right up there with the greats.

The exhibition Go East has some of the biggest names in the Asia- Pacific art world including the legendary Ah Weiwei and Zhang Huan, who you might remember from the 400 ton ash Buddah that was slowing disintegrating in Carriageworks a few months ago.

This collection of works comes from the philanthropists Brian and Gene Sherman’s collection. The exhibition extends to the Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, in Paddington. The gallery, Gene Sherman describes as ‘the gift her husband gave her to keep me distracted’. And she has donea  pretty great job with it if you ask me.

You might consider the Art Gallery of New South Whales bit of a stuffy and conservative institution, a reputation they are desperately trying to shake, which might be why they have teamed up with the Sherman family. A collection known for supporting incredible text and textile works which advocate for social justice.

The entrance foyer has been transformed by the work of Indian artist Jitish Kallat. Against a warm yellow backdrop the words of Gandhi are made formed from bones sculptures. Words such as ‘nonviolence’, ‘peace’ and ‘civil disobedience’ still resonate today, in light of India’s political upheaval, but can inform other aspects of our lives.

Upstairs the gallery promises a delight of materials from photography to found objects. Some constant themes come out of the exhibition such as Tibetan artist Nortse‘s installation of six monks robes, slumped on the floor suggest an absence of depletion of tradition. If you have ever caught yourself saying any version of ‘back in my day’ I think you will be able to empathise with what these artists are talking about.

Go East is on at the Art Gallery of NSW and the Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation until the 26th July.

WHAT :: Go East
WHERE :: Art Gallery of New South Whales
WHEN :: 14 May – 26 July

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