Thanks for all the Iceland :: Rainbow Chan

October 25th 2011

Driving in the countryside.

This entire opportunity has been extremely rewarding and inspiring, so thank you to everyone involved and all those back at home who followed our adventures overseas! This is, by far, one of the most generous competitions offered by any radio stations that I know of. Not only was it culturally enriching, but it has been an extremely exciting kick-start for my music!

In the beginning of the year when I was doing my uni honours research on Icelandic music, I was daydreaming about watching the Iceland Airwaves festival. Never did I imagine that nine months later, I would be playing there!!!

Every part of this experience has been so much fun. I found culinary delights and extraordinary landscapes, befriended Björk's personal harp-maker, loved the fluttering r's in Icelandic conversations, collaborated with DIY Icelandic musicians and became pretty jealous of Oliver Tank's groupie-victories (just because I don't have a luscious mane and beard…).

I went a bit mitten-crazy! This was on our collaborator Just Another Snake Cult's guitar.


Other highlights were playing my first overseas shows, trying the Icelandic "delicacy" of rotten shark, photographing many interesting things like embroidered curtains, porcelain statues and pot plants on everyone's window sills, casually having lunch next to other musicians like YATCH, SBTRKT and Tuneyards in our favourite cafe, buying mini hand-made mittens for my future children, and becoming great friends with Tank and the folks at FBi!

The Icelandic music scene is small and close-knit but supportive and vibrant. Gigs will pop up everywhere and anywhere. It's so make-shift that I've seen people use ironing-boards as music stands! But that is why it is so perfect. I think there can be more of this in Sydney, more spontaneity and thinking outside the box!

Me with the Northern Lights at midnight, 2 degrees Celcius!


I guess in the bitter and chilling weather of Iceland (I can't even describe how fierce the wind was) music becomes a source of comfort. Well, Reykjavik, in the days I have known you and your music, you've definitely provided me with just that: inspiration, warmth and wonderful bubblegum colours that line the streets and buildings. Your fresh air, glaciers, harbour and mountains are impressive, yet your modern and hip 'tude is refreshing! I will definitely be coming back – in my frog beanie and all!

And you know what? I'm proud to say that FBi Radio has a sound voice in our music community, one that is a bit left of centre (Iceland? Really?) and one that truly supports underground artists. So I say, Takk takk and bless bless!

Rainbow x

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