Tap Gallery: From Elsewhere

February 9th 2011

From Elsewhere
Opens Wednesday 9 February, 6pm
Closes 13 February
Tap Gallery, 278 Palmer St, Darlinghurst

Photographer Liz Schaffer tells captivating stories without words. As a recently graduated journalism student Schaffer is well accustomed to condensing the who, what, when, where, how and why. Put her behind a camera and she elevates those skills to an artform. On display in From Elsewhere, Schaffer’s debut photography exhibition at Tap Gallery, are 25 images from around the world captured on her recent travels. We asked her to take us, her imaginary friends, on an imaginary world photo tour.

Salzburg (in winter)
There is something about snow, afternoon sunlight and a fantastically tacky connection to The Sound of Music that make this city a true winter wonderland (for lack of a better description). I’d love to take a crack at some night photography looking down at the snow covered city simply because it is so different to anything I could spy from Sydney’s oven-like shores. The blues and golds may just make me fall in love but there is only one way to find out …

London (in spring)
?For a city that is so famously grey I bet London could pull of a mean winter floral show. I actually plan to get over there this May and see the royal gardens do their thing – nothing says changing of the seasons like a splash of English colour. If the grey persists I’m sure there is some way I could convince the powers that be to make me the official wedding photographer. How hard could it be, right?

Sienna (any gosh darn time)
?I’ve already got a rather crippling crush on Tuscany so I figured a dash of Sienna would add nothing but joy. The pastel colours, epic architecture and more than impressive artistic history may produce an impressive photo or two … 

To put it simply I’ve never been and I love what happens to photographs when you have absolutely no idea what’s going on. 

New York?
Um, because it’s New York! It would be just a little bit nifty to get my Bill Cunningham on and stalk the shiz out of some of the world’s most fashionable people (in a non sinister way of course). Rumour has it the city alone is pretty gosh darn fantastic too.


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