A sign off from Sweetie, after ten years on air

July 7th 2017



FBi Radio has been a part of my life since late 2006. For the last 11 years I’ve walked through the buzzer door on Botany Road at least once a week. I started off producing Arvos and working in the events team and eventually was thrown into the world of being “on air” in 2007. It’s been an absolute roller coaster… solo Sweetie, Sweetie & Shag, Sweetie & Al.


FBi Radio, the staff, the volunteers, the listeners, the supporters – the people who make it move will forever hold a huge piece of my heart. I’ve made life long friends who I now call my family. I’ve laughed to the point of peeing my pants – so many times. I’ve had a few cheeky Christmas Party party pashes. I’ve cried on air (and off air) when I talk about leaving*. I’ve struggled to work the coffee machine – apart from the one time Interpol came through for an interview on Peach & Shag’s show – Daniel Kessler said his coffee had a nice crema. LOL. I’ve had wonderful interviews with musicians. I’ve had coughing fits during interviews with musicians (sorry The Magnetic Fields). I’ve signed up countless supporters during Supporter Drives, more than I can remember – you legends keep the signal transmitting and the lights on, thank you a million times!


There are so many people who have made a huge impact on my time here at FBi. I can’t thank you all but very special thanks and love go to Caroline Gates, Shag, Meagan Loader, Dan Zilber, Clare Holland, Evan Kaldor, Peach, Al, Em Copeland, Stephen Goodhew, Tim Ritchie, Cass Wilkinson, and all of the dead set legends who’ve ever produced Arvos.


Thank you for spending time with me on Friday Arvos. Thank you for letting me share my thoughts, talk a little bit of nonsense, play you the best songs from Sydney, Australia and beyond. It’s the end of my Arvos and I’ve had the best fucking time ever. Thank you thank you thank you! Get your Ugly Duckling request in.


Love you,
Sweetie xx


*TBH I’m a lil misty (read: sobbing) even as I type this out.


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