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Becoming part of the FBi family is super easy. For the cost of a couple of coffees a month, you’ll help keep this independent station on air. Plus you’ll get access to the best of Sydney music, art and culture through prizes, freebies and discounts – available only to FBi Supporters. Benefits!

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Why support?

We make great radio because you keep us going.

Radio is free to listen to, but it costs money to make. Without the love of our supporters we’d be out on the streets. We don’t get millions of dollars from the government to help pay our bills. Sponsorship only covers about half of our running costs. Without your support, there is no FBi. You keep us on the air.

If you love Sydney, support FBi.

We love Sydney so we make it our business to support local music, events, spaces and people. When you become a supporter you’re not just helping us, you’re making a better city. If your friends are in a band, your sister runs a gallery or your cousin is into theatre, chances are we can help give them a leg up – because that’s what we do!

And we are madly passionate about Sydney’s sound – 50% of the music we play is Australian and half of that is from Sydney. Without FBi, where would you find out about all of the amazing local talent we have?

Your support means we can do cool stuff!

Festivals like the FBi SMACs and FBi Turns 10, our monthly Music Open Day, and live broadcasts are just a few examples of the fun things we get up to with the love and support of our FBi Supporters. We’re always looking to expand our horizons, and we’re pretty darn good at making your dollars go a long way!


How much does it cost?

You can choose between ongoing monthly payments or an annual up-front payment.

Supporter – $10 month / $120 annual
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Silver Supporter – $600 (5 years)
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PLEASE NOTE: Whether you’ve gone with the monthly payment option or paid for the whole year upfront, your FBi supporter membership is on-going and will continue until you say otherwise. If you’ve paid for the year upfront, as your expiry date approaches you will be notified in advance that you will be renewed, giving you the opportunity to opt out or update your details should you desire.

If you’re keen for some reading, here’s our privacy policy and our refund policy.

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