Success :: Commit To Community Radio

June 26th 2013

 In it’s darkest hour, with hope waning, community radio has won through – securing the funding required to keep it on digital!

The Federal Government announced today it will rectify the funding shortfall that threatened to leave community radio stations $1.4 million short of the operating costs of their digital services. The new funding commitment will provide $6 million over the next three years to ensure community radio services can keep kickin’ it in the digital world.

Adrian Basso, President of the CBAA (Community Broadcasting Association of Australia) was full of praise for the efforts of supporters, much like yourselves, who wrote emails, made calls, and generally created a lot of noise to ensure politicians couldn’t ignore the importance of community radio services.

“Thanks to the tens of thousands of people who stood up and showed just how important community radio is to communities right across Australia, community radio now has a digital future,”

Now call me suspicious, but given the timing, perhaps this is just an amazing 10th birthday present for FBi?

Commit to Community Radio


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