Learning to call it a day: Snowy Band on The Saturday Overhang with Issy Phillips

September 3rd 2021


  • Snowy Band :: Interview with Issy Phillips

Naarm / Melbourne 4 piece Snowy Band are back with a new album that takes off just where they left us on their new record Alternate Endings.

Long time friends Liam ‘Snowy’ Halliwell (The Ocean Party, Cool Sounds, Ciggie Witch) Emma Russack, Nat Pavlovic (Dianas) and Dylan Young (Way Dynamic) come together and bring their own sensibilities to the project, culminating in a sound that is tender, detailed and exciting.

Packed with emotive guitars and precise lyricism, Alternate Endings holds a mirror to their previous debut record Audio Commentary and creates feelings of familiarity whilst carving out a new sound that represents the changes we undergo in the course of a year.

The phrase ‘call it a day’ has big significance for the indie outfit, being the title of one of the stand out singles and also the first four words that open the record on Don’t Want To See You (Again). These four words become a haunting portrait that plunges us into the world of Alternate Endings.

Halliwell said this idea of ‘calling it a day’ is a theme that encapsulates the whole album.

“Calling in a day typically means that you give up [and] finish up there. I think the theme isn’t necessarily about giving up though, it’s just about giving in to the day. So by calling it a day, that’s my way of wording accepting what is here and avoiding the traps of self-betterment.”

Whilst calling it a day may be synonymous with defeat, the record is nothing short of victorious. The song Bitter Pill is a highlight with a swirling electric energy that never properly let’s you settle in, tipping from one place to the next and topped off with a howling saxophone.

Although the process of creating the two albums were symmetrical, the tone of Alternate Endings feels distinctly different and in tandem becomes a sonic marker for the endless unravelling of time.

“I tried to work in the same way that I did last time. I tried to even follow the same structure and sequencing of the first album and write similar songs… By doing that I was interested mainly in seeing just what a difference a year would make between the song writing and I think I was pretty surprised by the results. I think trying to write as close to the same album again shows the way that I’ve changed and has resulted in two very different albums.”

Snowy Band’s Alternate Endings paints a picture of forward-thinking Australian indie and asserts the notion of acceptance and knowing when to call it a day.

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