Living His Best Life: Watch Slowthai on Arvos with Darren Lesaguis

October 15th 2019


2019 was Slowthai‘s year. The young MC’s debut LP Nothing Great About Britain – an FBi Album of the Week – captured the world’s attention with its scathing critiques of life in his home country. Recently hitting Aus shores for Listen Out, the man himself snuck into the FBi studios and gave us a look into life in the midst of a meteoric rise to stardom, how he keeps it real and even gave us a couple movie night recommendations.

Slowthai’s Nothing Great About Britain is one for the ages. The breakout grime star’s honest yet optimistic quips about colonialism and capitalism in a post-Brexit Britain have resonated the world over. It’s why – despite only having one full-length release to his name – he has already found himself collaborating with some of hip hop’s most important players, including Brockhampton and Denzel Curry. Unfazed and humbled by the status of his collaborators, he says:

“I appreciate what they do, and they appreciate what I do…none of this status matters man. When you’re in this for the art and for like…even just being a human being and speaking on a level…there’s nothing like a good conversation man.”

It’s this same sense of integrity that underpins all of Slowthai’s artistic endeavours. Earlier in the year, he made waves with the announcement of his “Bet Ya A £5er” UK Tour, for which tickets are only a humble five pounds each.

“I’m not saying everyone should do it, I just speak for the people. The people I speak for, I feel they necessarily don’t have the money or like their money would be better off spent elsewhere…This stuff allows people who wouldn’t get to see the show to come and they’re the people who feel it the most, you know what I mean? So it’s my way of giving them something back.”

When not touring, Slowthai makes sure to indulge in a bit of down time with mates. When asked about the origins of Psycho – his recent collab track with Denzel Curry – Slowthai speaks candidly about his friendship with Curry.

“[We met] in London. He just come through, come to the studio, then we patent the tune man. And from that, blessed bro, you know what I mean? We’re getting it in man. Doing movie night and that. We’ve been living our best lives.”

Watch the full interview with Slowthai below and get the lowdown on Denzel and Slowthai’s movie night picks – from the British classic Trainspotting, to an assassin Jennifer Garner in Peppermint.

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