March 14th 2011

The world is divided in to two kinds of people: people who are terrified of sharks, and crazies. What's that? That's the kind of sensationalist rhetoric that exacerbates public panic about this misrepresented sea beast, you say? Tread water in deep sea at twilight and tell me that. 

But along with fear comes respect and, in this case, admiration. This beautiful creature is as fascinating as it is fatal, and its spirit bleeds through art and folklore. Hell, I bought Surfer Blood's record for the album art alone. The world got wise to this thing's power and importance, and Australia added the Great White the protected species list in 2004. But some deadly shark attacks have dominated Australian newspapers this summer and the mob is demanding action. Eat them before they eat us, or something like that.

This is a talk worth checking out. Don't expect a dry book launch attended by scholars with elbow patches (it will have to be really wet so the sharks can attends, duh). Listen in and chat about the right response to shark attacks in Australia.

The Great Shark Debate
Monday 21 March, 6pm
Sydney University Politics Society
New Law Lecture Theatre 101, New Law School Building
University of Sydney
Open to public, FREE


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