Review :: Splendour

August 2nd 2011

Sure the headliners gave us dancing girls, confetti cannons, fireworks, giant neon dream catchers and other spectacular sights, but for me many of the highlights at this year's Splendour in the Grass came from local bands who seemed to know that this was the place to pull something special out of their bag of tricks…

Cloud Control won us over with their giant, wobbling rainbow balloons. Heidi Lenffer crowd surfed in her tiny leather mini dress to music from The Lion King, celebrating the birth of their absent bassist Jeremy's new son. The crowd stamped up and down a clear path on the steep hill, creating a dust cloud in their wake for no good reason, and the band ripped out their never-before-heard cover of The La's 'There She Goes'.



Jinja Safari leaping, bounding and climbing all over the stage was another win. The boys know how to travel in style: get carried over the heads of the crowd to the base of the amphitheatre and then lead a charge over the hill.



Bluejuice showed off their electric suits and not-so-soft porn visuals.



The voice of Hayley Mary from The Jezebels enchanted the biggest crowd the GW McLennan tent saw all weekend.



Sarah Blasko had an amazing face. Also, dress.



What were your highlights?


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