Review :: Rave of Thrones with Hodor / Kristian Nairn

September 2nd 2014

Rave of Thrones

For those of you – like me – who didn’t already know this piece of pub trivia, Kristian Nairn – the 38-year-old Irishman you might remember from such roles as Hodor in Game Of Thrones – has been a regular DJ on the club scene for over a decade before he landed his role on the beloved HBO series.

Clearly a man after my own heart, Nairn has neatly combined both his careers in his first Australian DJ circuit Rave of Thrones – proving that if you love two things, mash them together and it’ll work (my own personal philosophy that has lead me to some delicious sandwich creations)!

For full disclosure, I don’t actually watch Game of Thrones. Before I get lynched for sharing that titbit of information, let me elaborate: I did watch Game of Thrones, just up until the end of that scene in season 3. (Don’t judge me okay? I have my own fucking problems; I don’t need to cry over fictional characters. Who needs that shit?) So I admit that a lot of the fan-service probably whooshed right over my head.

Regardless, I walked into the Hi-Fi last Thursday night with my companion in tow, minds open ready to dance – and let me tell you, it was VIBING. To shamelessly steal a quote from Disney’s 1997 film Hercules, “I haven’t seen this much love in a room since Narcissus discovered himself!”


After taking a few days to think about it, there’s really only one thing I can liken to Rave of Thrones: a Comic-Con after-party at World Bar… except more alcohol, a lot more fur, and not a snapback in sight. And grinding, so much grinding.

There’s no stranger sight than watching Daenery’s ‘Mother of Dragons’ Targaryen dancing all up on her own ‘children’.

Local audio-visual DJ Ego produced an intricate and hilarious set. Although he lost all his cred with me when he overlayed the Black Eyed Peas’ ‘I Gotta Feeling’ with scenes from the Red Wedding, he reclaimed it when he cut up a bunch of GoT sex scenes and spliced them with Kanye’s ‘Bound 2’.

One would think they were legitimately raving in Kings Landing; with a replica Iron Throne on stage, actors playing show characters (including a production-quality White Walker), some low-key pyrotechnics, and an amateur lap dance given by Robb Stark with his trendy dire wolf head (which… too soon man, still too soon, it’ll never not be too soon) to the late King Joffrey himself.

Meanwhile, Nairn’s 90-minute set of big-room and bass-driven house proved that his sixteen years on the Belfast club scene is more then enough experience for moving crowds, playing a gratifying set including the likes of Daft Punk and Azealia Banks (bitches looove ‘212’).


Costume count:

9 Daenerys Targaryen’s – really there were only 4, but I gave some people the benefit of the doubt.
7 Dragons – 3 in onesies, 3 in fairy wings (which, really?) and 1 with a dragon plush tied to her shirt (again, REALLY?)
1 very convincing Hodor
5 Men of the Knightswatch
1 Bran – bowl cut and all.
3 Kahl Drogo’s
2 Robb Stark’s – post beheading-wolf-head-attachment.

And my personal favourite…

One guy in a black t-shirt with ‘Jon Snow’ written on the front and ‘Crows before Hoes’ written on the back. What can I say? His lack of effort spoke to me on levels I don’t even understand…




Photo Credits: all by ANTHB28 for inthemix
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