Review :: Me Pregnant!

April 19th 2011


Monsters, a medieval post-apocalyptic village and a model scout? It must be the work of actor, writer and director Nick Coyle. Addressing us like we’re a Contiki Tour group waiting to do a bit of ‘sight seeing’ Coyle smiles warmly out at the audience. “This is a wonderful place,” he assures us with just a hint of irony. “It’s great,” he continues in a non-descript Eastern European accent.

In fact, it turns out the fish are all dead and you can’t get a brioche no matter how much money you’re willing to spend. Which begs the question: after being dragged through sewers and parallel universes in his previous plays, where the hell is Coyle taking us now?

Me Pregnant! is as funny as it is bizarre and wonderful. Slowly and delicately, details of this truly fantastical story are revealed as we meet each of the 15 characters Coyle has dragged from deep within his imagination. There is an array of townspeople, the play’s protagonist Emaline, a monster and all of its unborn babies.

Not afraid of being the over-achiever, Coyle is also responsible for both the set design and the costume, which is reminiscent of Robin Hood’s tunic and green tights. Coyle assures me he sewed it himself. Regular visitors to The Old Fitz will notice the theatre has been drastically re-shaped, providing what might be one of the best uses of the small space yet. Coyle has managed to simultaneously create a commanding height advantage over the audience, and a sense of intimacy so crucial you could be in his living room.

Coyle has a string of published plays under his belt, including Hammer Head (is dead) and Rommy, and he gives nods to these in this new work, which was written on a type writer in his share house over summer. At a little over an hour long, Me Pregnant! continues in his tradition of fast-paced, laugh-filled, and meaningfully existential plays.

Highly recommended!!

What: Me Pregnant!

Where: The Old Fitzroy, 129 Dowling St, Woolloomooloo

When: Tues – Sat 8pm, Sun 5pm. Until April 23rd.

How much: $21/$33/$40 (beer, laksa and show). Cheap Tuesdays $21/$29 (beer, laksa, and show)


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