Review: Keegan Walker’s Hot Dudes

February 3rd 2011

Keegan Walker’s Hot Dudes is self-explanatory. It’s a zine full of pretty photos of even prettier men. Walker, who is a self-described ‘perpetual world rambler’, took the snaps over a period of a year on his travels between Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, London and New York.

As well as being attractive and shirtless, Walker’s photo subjects are skaters. The publication offers an interesting insight into a predominantly male-dominated subculture. While there’s an association between skateboarding, creativity and openness, all too often it can be a very macho and sexist scene.

Walker filters a world of ramps, half pipes and beat-up canvas shoes through a playful, homoerotic lens. It’s a far cry from hardcore porn, but the zine has accrued a bit of slack online from punters dismissing it as gay fodder. To us, Walker’s partially clad lads, with their dubious sexual orientations and exposed chests, come as welcome eye candy.

And that’s without mentioning the zine’s impeccable layout and design. Poised at the publishing helm is Joseph Allen Shea, father of Izrock and the man behind a slew of printed matter deserving of shelf space in the home of anyone who considers themselves bookish and/or visually erudite.


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