Review :: Go Font Ur Self

April 29th 2011

superexpresso (Spain/Italy), 'ain't the way it's supposed to be', 2009

It's not what you say or even how you say it – it's really all about what font you say it in. Try writing a love letter in Drawing Blood or applying for a job with Heartache Teenage Crush. There is a whole lot more to font than dotted i's and crossed t's, believe us.

Just ask the beauties and brains behind Go Font Ur Self*, the exhibited celebration of all things typographical. Kicked off by grafitti artist and curator Marty Routledge in 2009, Go Font Ur Self* drags the lettered form up off the fliers and programs and on to the gallery walls. The world-travelling show draws together Australian and international visual art, graphic design and graffiti gods together to pimp the ABCs; the results have been fun, funny and often flipping breathtaking.

The exhibition is now entering its third year, producing its second book, raking in over 9000 visitors and serving up 13 680 icy cold (sponsored) Kirins. Go Font Ur Self* has become a firm favourite on Sydney's creative calendar, so we thought we'd scribble down some choice cuts from the back catalogue to celebrate. Feast your eyes.


Luke Lucas (Melbourne), 'Just My Type', 2010


Jessica Hische (Brooklyn), 'Say It With Flowers', 2009


Laura Serra (Berlin), 'B', 2009


This cutie is actually from the Go Font Ur Self blog, where all you type junkies can get hits between exhibitions.


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