Red Rattler: April Fools Party for Firstdraft

March 29th 2011


Ever heard of the left-handed Whopper? Neither had the 32 million left-handers in America until they opened their USA Today on April Fool’s Day a few years back to discover a full-page add promoting the new burger, which had all its condiments rotated 180° for the benefit of their south-pawed patrons. Much to the disappointment of the millions of Americans that rushed out to sample the burger, it was a hoax.


If its tricks you want this April Fools, then its tricks you’ll get at the Red Rattler April Fools Party. Featuring performances, tricks and magic from the likes of Brown Council, Melodiqa, Malcolm Whittaker, Nat Randall and Tom Strange, and with the smooth musical stylings of the Jingle Jangle and Clam Bake DJs, it’ll be the most fun you’ve had since you learned to short-sheet a bed (or for the more hands-on prankster, to ‘kancho’). On top of all this rambunctious good fun, all the proceeds of the night go straight to Firstdraft! No foolin’!


Laffs, drinks, a boogie, and a good cause – and who knows, you could be supporting the next Nat Tate. Miss it, and the jokes on you.


What: April Fools Party for Firstdraft
When: Friday 1 April
Where: Red Rattler, 6 Faversham St, Marrickville
Price: $10 on the door, first in, best dressed


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