Q&A :: Print & Staple Zine Fair

October 4th 2013

Print & Staple

The Heavy Collective & Left Out Store have joined forces to create Print & Staple, bringing together a collection of independently published works from local and international creative. While the artists may have been introduced to graff through the punk and hardcore scene, or from spending a lot of time skating at Bondi, most of them now call graphic design or illustration their day job.


The Flog caught up with Chris from Left Out Store to find out more about the DIY zines, paraphernalia and short run paper goods that will be on offer at The Tate in Glebe this Saturday.


FBi: What’s Print & Staple all about?

Left Out Store: Print & Staple is a zine-focused exhibition that The Tate has held a few times before, but this time it’s expanded into a fair with multiple different vendors. Print & Staple is really in my opinion a bit of a reaction to the cheapness that has been given to art and photography through the internet. The internet is great, and it’s how I find 99% of the artists I work with, but in the endless scroll, any image gets appreciated for a split second, maybe given a ‘like’ and is then forgotten. It’s cool for people to be able to put together a physical collection of their work that people can hold and appreciate.

How did you team up with The Heavy Collective?

Those guys are pretty much killing the photozine game, I hit them up to work on a smaller photo show at The Tate and through a common interest in zines and pushing new stuff in Sydney we came up with this event!

Print & Staple

You’re from Left Out Store – an online site that sells hard to find graffiti goods. For non-graff artists can you explain what tools are required other than the standard spray can that we’ve come to expect?

Anything that can be used to mark a surface really. Rare Japanese markers and rare American stickers are a couple of things, but we kind of get in anything fresh from all around the world.

Are there certain thing you look for in a “good” zine or is it based on personal preference?

Any zine is pretty awesome in my book, as long as it’s personal and done with effort. I’m a fan of all self-publishing.

There are quite a few artists exhibiting their work. Who are some of your hot picks that we should look out for?

The heavy collective are great if you’re into photography zines, especially Blood Of The Young stuff. James Jirat Patradoon, Gerald Leung and Chris Yee are great illustrators who are really pushing their work, they have a few comics and zines of their work that are definitely worth picking up


Print & Staple

WHAT :: Print & Staple 2013 Zine Fair
WHERE :: The Tate @ The Toxteth, 345 Glebe Pt Rd Glebe
WHEN :: Saturday 5 October, 11:30am – 5pm
HOW MUCH :: Free! With zines, stickers and other sweet design goods on sale from $2 – $30



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