Q+A :: Leah Consunji of Lovebombs

November 30th 2012

Lovebombs know exactly how to get the party started. The Flog spoke to organiser Leah Consunji about how Lovebombs came about and exactly why you should head to their event at Cake Wines Pop-up Bar…

FBi: How did the concept of Lovebombs parties start?

A few of us went out to Homebush to see Stevie Wonder a few years ago. On the drive back into town we were loving Stevie and loving life… Ryan Saez (aka Resort Styles) was on the tunes in the car and started busting out some epic love ballads, and we realised how the list of good lovebombs was endless.

My housemate Anno Inthavong (aka Yelo Magic) and I had been throwing house parties here and there for all our mates, and we all figured it’d be sick to have a party where we’d get the djs in our group of friends to come over and play sets where every song had to be love related….a few months later Saez and Anno pulled together Lovebombs Vol.1 mixtape and we launched it at our terrace in Newtown. It was rammed from front door to the laneway – still one of the best house parties we’ve ever had.

Tell us about some of your past parties? We heard Mayer Hawthorne showed some love?

So the first was the house party, but it was a bit too massive for the tiny terrace, so since then we’ve had a warehouse party, nights at Chingalings, and our Sun Down Get Down series on the Sweeney’s rooftop.

We had a Valentines edition earlier this year – Mayer was in town, we were all major fans and knew he was an awesome dj…and no doubt he was the perfect fit for our party. We made some calls and arranged for him to come to the Sweeney’s rooftop after his gig at the Metro to play a secret dj set. Such a heart throb!

How often are Lovebombs parties?

Ha, hmmm…whenever we want? We’ve had a couple a year, whenever we all have the time to. Generally it’s like, “Hey guys, we haven’t had a party for aaagees! Let do this!”, then we get together in a Chinatown foodcourt and plan it out.

What do you want peeps to come away from a Lovebombs party? A new lover p’haps?

Definitely. Come to Lovebombs and get laid yo. Haha… We want people to have fun and a good dance. it’s about feel good tunes and smiles on the dancefloor…as we say…fall in love, lose your shit.

You’re throwing a party tomorrow at Cake Wines Pop-up bar.. what can we expect?

It’s going to be MASSIVE. We’ve got a few guest lovebombers joining us for the occasion – Mike Who, Huwston (TBC!) and Shantan Wantan Ichiban, along with our regular romancers Yelo Magic, Resort Styles, First Touch, 40Love, Jian Hans and Planet Ouef.



WHAT: Lovebombs

WHERE: Cake Wines Pop-up Bar, 199 Cleveland Street Surry Hills

WHEN: Saturday 1st December, 3pm


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