Q&A :: Confessions from Genevieve Fricker

October 3rd 2012


Most everybody has an embarrassing story or two. Half submerged in memory, archived but never deleted from gmail, prints shredded but negatives saved, friends filing them away for 21st parties or engagements, or your parents’s firm belief in that one time you painted your cot with your own faeces as an appropriately funny story to tell when they meet your new boyfriend.  The difference here is that these five talented individuals have chosen to tell their own stories, possibly as a sort of pre-emptive strike. In a bar. In front of lots of people they don’t know.

Confession Booth is a new reading night in Sydney and tonight marks its fourth event. Host, curator and chief sinner A.H. Cayley will kick off proceedings, before a selection of local writers, comedians, musicians and broadcasters confess. Genevieve Fricker is a comedian, Sydney Morning Herald columnist and musician who’s no stranger to sharing her story on stage. Heidi Pett had a little pre-Confession interview with her in an attempt to figure out what, exactly, might be in store.

What can we look forward to in your confession?

A creative use of the Ferris Bueller theme song in describing one’s bowel movements.

Are you bringing your guitar?

Not this time no – I’ve just finished my Fringe show, so we’ve spent a lot of time together and now I need some space. I feel pretty naked without it though.

I’ve been hunting around the internet trying to figure out what sort of dirt you might dish on yourself, can we expect anything to do with poo and VCRs? Or Australian Idol? Or taking up comedy as a “I’ve nothin’ better to do cause I’m single now” thing? Or the failed-date-backwards-robot incident? Basically what I’m saying is that you’ve already put a lot of stuff out there, on the internet, forever. What’s left?

There’s always something left, largely because I flat out refuse to learn from my mistakes, and continue to make poor life decisions. Why, just this morning I stuck my hand in a washing machine during the spin cycle and almost lost a finger. These things come naturally to me.

Having done a Fringe show called ‘Genevieve Fricker Has Too Many Feelings’ – will you be going for poignancy or laughs with your confession? I guess the ‘comedian’ part of your bio may be a bit of a give away here but variety and spices and all that.

I always go for the laffy laffs because otherwise I would cry. It’s my coping mechanism I guess. It’s not a great way to process emotion, but damnit, it’s mine!

You’ve previously read sections of your teenage diary for ABC Radio. Given that for most of us that would count among the most embarrassing experiences ever, how much further are you willing to go?

I’m not entirely sure to be honest. I’m always just looking for ways to make people squirm in their seats, and I think the best way to do that is just by being entirely truthful. People might recognise the situation from having been in it, or knowing someone who might’ve done the same thing, and I enjoy making people face up to their own awfulness. This might be saying too much, but comedy is like punishing innocent people for everyone that’s wronged me. That’s probably saying too much…

It seems to be fashionable at the moment for successful, pretty and overwhelmingly blonde ladies to ‘confess’ to being in the high school band and other nerdtastic pursuits. In the context of your background at the Con, what do you think about this? 

Urgh, it’s just the worst. I went to a classical music high school – I know a nerd when I see one, and anyone who describes themselves as nerdy or adorkable needs to be sterilised. Nerdy is earnestly warming up for solo French Horn practice by playing My Heart Will Go On, not just slapping on some thick rimmed vanity glasses and using full words when you text.

What do you think about the other confessors? Any plans to spur them on, like in a rigged game of I Never where you already know your best mate has done something really questionable..

I’ve heard Catcall is an accomplished comedian (alongside being an immensely talented musician), so I’m expecting some trouble from her. But I’m always terrible with confrontation and competition, so I’ll probably just sit back and be overly polite until I get home after the show, vaguely inebriated, and unleash on twitter.

Anything else you’d like to add? Some pedestrian embarrassments, like a penchant for vodka cruisers?

I listen to and enjoy Gangnam Style in a completely unironic way.


What: Confession Booth

Where: The World Bar

When: Wednesday 3rd October, 7:30pm

Dolla Billz? Nope, it’s free!


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