Preview :: Ukelele marathon

October 1st 2013


Throughout history, mankind has forever accomplished impressive feats of strength, endurance, speed, intelligence and creativity; and then turned to the person standing next to them and said “Beat that, smartarse.”


There are many coveted records set, like The World’s Smallest Stop-Motion Film, The Farthest Milk Squirting Distance, and the highly impressive Most Albino Siblings.

There are some who may say that a world record for Fastest Time To Enter A Suitcase or being the The World’s Hairiest Teenager is nothing to be impressed with, but those people are clearly under-achieving, jealous assholes who’ve never never even attempted to Lift A Table With Their Teeth.

This art of humanity one-upping each other in a demented arms race of skill and ability is one still practised to this day.

Then there’s this guy. Glenn Howorth, current World Record holder for Most Guitars Stringed In An Hour (setting the record at 30, an average of two guitars per minute), is once again looking to carve his name into the Guinness World Record Books (which ironically, holds the record being the most reissued book) by playing the world’s longest ukulele marathon.

Attempting a whopping 24 hours of continuous play, Howorth aims to raise $50,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation by auctioning off instruments and receiving donations from ukulele enthusiasts (all eight of you).

A truly impressive attempt in endurance, enthusiasm and not losing your shit and smashing that f*#@ing ukulele with a furious passion.

And for those still not convinced that this record attempt is anything to be amazed by, try listen to this for five hours straight and see if you still feel the same way:

STARTS: 11am Friday October 4th-5th
WHERE: 135-143 Princes Highway, Fairy Meadow
Support Glenn by donating or head here for more info.


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