Preview :: The “New” Museum of Contemporary Art

March 27th 2012

The Museum of Contemporary Art at Circular Quay is back, and it’s bigger, brighter and more full of incredible contemporary art than ever before.

It’s clear that the new MCA is set to reinvigorate the Sydney arts world. While you might have been forgiven for passing over the building in its previous sandstone incarnation, it’s now impossible to miss our city’s biggest contemporary art gallery. The MCA spent a whole lotta money (that’s $53 million dollars, just between you and me..) to get the building looking, well, contemporary. With the help of a new, glass-cube extension, welcoming entrance, bigger gallery spaces and a specially designed sculpture terrace, they’ve succeeded.

The best thing about the new MCA isn’t the building, though – it’s the chance to see some of the best new contemporary art in the world.

On the brand new sculpture terrace, check out Hany Armanious’ Fountain – but don’t be fooled – though it might look like a backyard plastic table that’s been left out in the sun for weeks, that’s actually hand-carved bronze and marble! Amazing!

Also not to be missed is the MCA’s own collection, which you can see more of than ever before. With a specially dedicated “Sydney” room, there’s something here for everyone, contemporary art expert and novice alike.

However, the highlight of the re-opening is clear: The Clock by Christian Marclay. On show inside a specially designed cinema hall with comfy couches, The Clock is a 24 hour video mash-up of references to time passing – all in real time. This means you can pop in at 6pm to see James Bond shake his first martini at cocktail hour, or at 7am to check out the Brady Bunch on their way to school….

Hang on – 7am? Huh?

Yep – the MCA is, for the first time ever, opening for 24 hours, each Thursday to Friday, so you can check out all of the hours in The Clock. Their new-fangled cafe is open day and night, too, so you can come for dinner and then catch up with the artwork.

The MCA is free entry (even for late-night openings) and officially re-opens this Thursday, the 29th of March.


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