Preview :: Sunday Night at the Video Arcade with Seekae

April 20th 2011



Calling all geeks, freaks, gamers and dorkbots! It’s time to stock up on Jolt Cola, pick your best hacker pseudonym, and pack up your Commodore 64, because we’re off to computer camp.

This Sunday night from 9pm, tune into FBi to dig through some classic computer game music with gaming addicts Seekae. The trio will be in the studio to play us some of their favourite 8-bit tracks, talk scoring composition for avatars, and listen to the truly weird sound of the Commodore 64 and Atari at war.

We’ll also pay tribute to the late, great games master Gerald Lawson – of Demolition Derby fame – who passed away earlier this month.

So shut in, tune in, and prepare to get nostalgic for the time when you had a chance of understanding what computers were all about. Because if you’re anything like me, that boat has long sailed.

What: Seekae on Sunday Night at the Video Arcade

When: From 9pm this Sunday

Where: FBi 94.5

How much: Free bitchez (though you could become a supporter… hint hint)


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