Preview :: Society

July 21st 2011


Once upon a time a locksmith opened up shop at 6 Botany Road Alexandria. At some point they or more likely a sign writer got up to that awning and earnestly wrote the words “No. 6 LOCKSMITH” and a phone number. After they closed up shop an undoubtedly resource scarce artist-run-initiative moved in, and rather than make a new sign they called their collective ‘Locksmith Projects’. This clever, high-energy, big-ideas group pumped out a bunch of amazing exhibitions and publications that I hope someone has archived really well because that shit was important.

As Locksmith Projects wound down along came Susan Gibb, a curator with positions at Penrith Regional Gallery, Campbelltown Arts Centre and Carriage Works under her belt, not to mention a lecture-performance on her love of Steve Martin (but that’s a story for another time). Susan’s new project for number 6 is Society, a whirlwind series of short and sharp gallery shows that blur the line between exhibition and event.

The first show will surprise punters and curators alike, with Dan Moynihan given absolute freedom in bringing his unique approach to sculpture and installation to the gallery. Dan won’t take this offer lightly judging by his past works – think human cannonballs and dastardly supermarket heists – and we are in for an absurdly fantastical treat. If you miss the opening this Friday, you’d better get along on the weekend because that’s it. After Monynihan is 2010 Primavera artist Agatha Gothe-Snape, and after that is just rumours, but they make me want to squeal.

What: Exhibition ‘Proper Arrangements’
Who: Dan Moynihan
Where: Society, 6 Botany Rd, Alexandria
When: Opens Friday 22nd July at 6pm, runs until Sunday 24th July
How much: Free



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