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March 30th 2012

Whatever happened to Occupy Sydney?

Every now and then, well, often, things that are really important to right now seem to skim by my head, noticed only in my periphery just as they reach their height of contemporary relevance and flop down on the ever growing pile of historical material that one might call the garbage tip of progress.

Koney? Yeah I hate him, or, LIKE to anyway. Occupy? Oh yes I meant to go there, is it still going? Then, I just think how cool is it that politics used to involve town meetings that people actually went to, and that women in Britain burnt down public grandstands to get the vote.

There is hope. These moments that pass can be picked back up by people who might be a type of expert. They examine them from different angles. Like a beam of light, the event can shine back into contemporary relevance via the attention of this expert-god who breathes life into the past with theories, images and anecdotes of personal experience.

One such god might be artist/writer Nick Keys. Nick returns to the still-going but much less so than before site of Occupy Sydney, and the site of his own one-night ‘Occupy a bottle of whisky’ movement, Martin Place, to deliver a lecture performance, ‘Becoming Otherwise Occupied’, on the nature of love and capital. Let’s assume that ‘lecture-performance’ means we will learn something while being entertained, which I think is both my favourite type of learning and entertainment. ‘Becoming Otherwise Occupied’ is the first in a rolling series of performance lectures presented by Serial Space and curated by Jennifer Hamilton in various locations throughout the year. Keep an eye here for more edutainment to come.

What: Lecture Performance – ‘Becoming Otherwise Occupied’

Who: Nick Keys, The Performance Lecture Project curated by Jennifer Hamilton, presented by Serial Space

Where: Martin Place

When: Saturday 31st March, 12:30-1:45 pm

How much: FREE


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