Preview :: Sandfly Film Festival

November 4th 2012

ROOFTOPS. Remember when their only purpose was to act as an architectural installation for providing shelter in a building?

They’ve since proved useful for such purposes as:

A place for superheroes to keep watch over a city.

A venue for bands consisting of record-store employees to play on during fundraiser parties… and then dance on.

And, you know, somewhere to watch films under the stars. Romance ain’t dead, right?!

Sandfly Film Festival will be bringing moving pictures to the rooftop of Shenken Espresso Bar in Newtown. As it makes its way through NSW – also visiting Jarvis Bay and The Blue Mountains – the festival will be hosting a screening of local and international short films and music videos along with a live music soundtrack.

And that ain’t all folks. There’ll be SNACKS.

Dave Rennick of Sydney’s Dappled Cities will be taking care of musical entertainment for the evening, joined on the roof by Mr Grizzly and Jonathan Miller.

Festival winners will be chosen by a great line-up of judges including iconic Aussie singer Missy Higgins, animator and winner of last year’s festival Christopher Kezelos, and director of that video Natasha Pincus.


While I’m no mathematician and could only aspire to succeed in creating such numerical humour as this, my calculations would suggest that you can COUNT on the sum of these parts resulting in one splendid time (heh).

As far as most cinematic experiences go, $15 dollars will barely get you a full length feature film, let alone an additional choc top/giant-sugary-drink-in-a-cup-bigger-than-your-head combo, so I’d suggest you treat yo’self to a rooftop film party.

What: Sandfly Film Festival
When: Wednesday November 7th, 7pm – 11pm
Where: Newtown Rooftop Cinema – Entry via Shenken Espresso Bar 239A King Street, Newtown
How Much: $15


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