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October 4th 2013

Radio with Pictures

Radio and images are two perfect mediums to tell a captivating story, yet the combination of the two is a far less explored means of doing so. Radio With Pictures does just that. It sees the combination of radio storytelling, with imagery created by various artists in conjunction with these tales.  As a result it unites makers, musicians together with writers with comic, graphic and fine artists.

Radio With Pictures demonstrates what happens when a group of remarkably talented writers collaborate with fine artists of various styles and backgrounds.

Now in its second year, continuing as part of the stellar line up of Graphic Festival, stories will go by the theme ‘The Things You Do’. While I won’t give too much away, here you’ll find a little run through of the contributors, what they’ve got planned, and a little bit about the things they do.

Claudia Karvan and Gria Sheed

Claudia Karvan, an actress who needs little introduction (Star Wars, The Secret Life Of Us), has collaborated with long time friend and artist Gria Shead to adapt The Mind of a Thief, the autobiographical work of Patti Miller, the recent recipient of a NSW Premier’s History award. Fine art professional Gria creates work often informed by a landscape and the places she has lived. In this scenario, the setting is mid 19th Century in Wellington NSW and she dabbles in oil painting, drawing, printmaking and paper.

Don Walker and Marieka Walsh

Don Walker of Cold Chisel and Tex, Don & Charlie will be collaborating with animator Marieka Walsh, recent winner of an AACTA (Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts) award. Walker will tell autobiographical tales from his work ‘Shots’, while Walsh will present a somewhat abstract work, inspired by experimental and abstract comics involving watercolour and ink. Walsh’s credits include the film adaptation of Tim Winton’s The Turning, and Star Wars! She’s a pretty talented lady who’s also currently undertaking a project involving sand animation – that is animation involving moving grains of sand with a tiny paintbrush over a light box.

Sam Wallman, Senthourn Raj and Gina McKeon.

Walkey award winning radio superstar Gina Mckeon has worked with activist, writer and academic, Senthourn Raj, along with comic artist Sam Wallman on the story of Ravi – an asylum seeker escaping persecution based on his sexuality. Raj will be presenting the sound component to black and white imagery courtesy of Wallman.

Jane Ulman and Bailey Sharp

Radio producer and sound designer Jane Ulman provides the audio to bring comic artist Bailey Sharp’s images to life. Together they create an imaginative, non-linear narrative around Sharp’s fantastical visuals.

Lorelai Vashti and Grace Lee

Illustrator Grace Lee has teamed up with storyteller Lorelei Vashti who is currently writing a book for Allen & Unwin based on her popular blog, ‘Dress, Memory’. Lee’s recent work also consists of a soon-to-be published book with FBi’s All The Best creator/ex-presenter Eliza Sarlos. It’s hard to tell what will become of this collaboration, but one certainty is that there will be a superb dog illustration involved.

Sam Cooney and Katie Parrish

Editor of The Lifted Brow, Sam Cooney, has partnered up with comic artist Katie Parrish for this work. They’ll tell a coming of age story which will involve guinea pigs. Oh yes.


Overall it’s hard to tell what to expect from a lot of these collaborations. However Fenella Kenerbone is hosting the evening, so you’re in very capable hands. If you don’t manage to get yourself there, you can hear Radio with Pictures sans the pictures live on Radio National.

WHAT :: Radio With Pictures

WHERE :: The Studio, Sydney Opera House

WHEN :: Sunday October 6 | 3:30pm & 7:15pm

HOW MUCH :: $25 or $20 for Opera House Insiders. Buy tickets here.



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