Preview :: Project 5, Volume 5

September 26th 2013

 What a wonderful day to go painting


Are your eyes hungry for a feast filled with colour, creativity and complete awesomeness?

Well feast them on this! As apart of Project 5, Australian artists Adnate, Jodee Knowles, Numskull and Rone will be transforming Darling Quarter into an open-air studio. From September 27, you can catch four very talented artists create their works step by step, right in front of you. It’s your chance to see the creativity juices flowing up close and personal. Maybe you’ll take away a few tips or just appreciate the beauty.

Here is a little about the four artists to get you acquainted:


From: Victoria

Style: An eye for detail, Adnate paints realist portraits that incorporate his roots in graffiti. The outcome is a hybrid of street style and traditional precision. His artworks are mind boggling, as he challenges his audience to reconsider what they are looking at.

Subject: Adante excels at portraits, whether the face is painted on a massive scale on the side of a building or on a canvas in an art gallery. He portrays a range of cultural backgrounds including Aboriginal, Tibetan, and Persian. The eyes are his main focus, after all they are the gateway to the soul.

Weapon of choice: Adnate paints solely in aerosol.


Melbourne Australia 2012 

Jodee Knowles

From: Western Australia/New South Wales

Style: Jodee plays with perceptions by depicting distorted representations of the human figure. Sometimes she will paint a whole figure, other times she focuses on the eyes or the arms.

Subject: The emotionally driven works are heavily based on the human condition and a roller coaster state of mind. She depicts excessive states of mind in her works- a mix of suffering, love and obsession. Jodee also digs eyes.

Weapon of choice: The lethal bag of mixed-media.


Jodee Knowles

 Panel for Project 5


From: New South Wales

Style: Numskull is originally a street and graffiti artist producing bright and bold works. He still enjoys utilising his spray can to brighten up the walls of Sydney’s buildings but now also paints, illustrates and decorates using a range of mediums.

Subject: Eye popping typography and cartoons involving geometric patterns. There are mutations between superheroes and cartoon characters. Numskull portrays fun, in your face, quirky street art influenced by comic book cartoons.

Weapon of choice: Everything! From spray cans to multimedia.


Stanmore Sydney


From: Victoria

Style: Street artist Rone has the female face down pat. His large-scale paintings feature glamorous women, usually with washed out faces and bright red lips. He also likes to incorporate paste-ups and stencils in his work. The beautiful portraits can be found on walls all over the word.

Subject: Rone re-contextualises fashion images of models and beautiful women to create symbols of decorative destruction. He adds character to an inanimate object to bring the streets alive.

Weapon of choice: Paint, screen prints, stencils and staples.



 Miami, December 2011

WHAT: Project Five, Volume Five

WHEN: The artists will start painting Friday 27 September 6-9pm, and continue from 12-3pm on Saturday 28 an Sunday 29 September.

WHERE: Village Green, Darling Quarter, Sydney



Gemma Piali


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