Preview :: Parades at The Wharf Sessions

July 22nd 2011


Beth Dalgleish spoke to Daniel Cunningham in the lead up to Parades' gig at The Wharf Sessions.


Beth: You seem like pretty cultured boys. What was the last piece of theatre you saw?

Daniel: I went to see The Giacomo Variations during Sydney Festival this year; not because I aspired to be one of these high-brow theatre types, but because it starred John "Cyrus The Virus" Malkovich. I wanted so badly for him to say "That's my fuckin' plane!", but unfortunately the moment never arrived. I still enjoyed it somewhat, but found out a week or so later that it was universally panned by critics and theatre goers alike. Maybe they too were waiting for that line.

If you had a role in any play, what would it be?

Some sort of barn animal with no speaking parts.

What can we expect to hear at the Wharf – lots of Foreign Tapes favourites, or something new? Perhaps a bit of musical theatre?

Certainly lots of Foreign Tapes-era material, and perhaps a few new tracks in there too if time permits.


Friday night is a post-theatre gig. If Parades could be the 'post-' entertainment for any other event, what would it be?

We've been the post- entertainment for a few things, and have generally killed the pervading vibe of the main attraction as a result. We're going to turn that tradition upside down for the Wharf Sessions.

You are an all-male ensemble now. Has the lack of female company changed the band's dynamics at all?

Having that initial female company has certainly led us down an interesting path over time, but as much as it's been for others, that element was never definitive in our minds. It was something we wanted to try when Parades began, but our futures are looking towards trying new things again.

'Water Stories' has been received pretty hungrily. When will we get another taste of new, boys-only Parades?

Who knows… can't say exactly at this point.


What: Parades at The Wharf Sessions
Where: Sydney Theatre Company
When: Friday July 22 (tonight), 10pm
How much: Free!



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