Preview :: Oh Really Farewell Party

June 8th 2011


2008 saw the death of many good things: Heath Ledger, the guy that invented LSD, Robert Rauschenberg, Bo Diddley, Bettie Page, Yves St Laurent, Paul Newman, the white drummer from the Hendrix Experience, Bobby Fisher… the list could go on. Thankfully, 2008 also saw a few good things too. The proton beam is circulated for the first time in the Large Hadron Collider. The moon appeared 14% larger and 30% brighter as it moved to its nearest point to earth. An extra leap second was added to end the year. And a little gallery named Oh Really opened its doors.

The Oh Really gallery is the brainchild of the Oh Really Collective, producers and purveyors of a mag by the same name. The gallery, like the magazine, has earned a solid rep for taking content from all and sundry, passing their careful eyes over it, and then pointing us to it. The Enmore Rd gallery has shown a huge range of artists, but it’s the space it’s given street artists that has often set it aside. Dudes like Ears (seen above), Beastman, Phibs, and Ape 7 have all shown there, giving well-earned space to artists that are too-often overlooked in mainstay galleries.

Sadly, all good things must come to and end, and the Oh Really crew are shutting their doors after almost three years of quality art, and some kicking parties. Tomorrow night marks the last hurrah of this luminous little space, and it should be a corker. With the chance to win a sweet collector tee, sponsorship by Grolsch, tunes from Ungus Ungus Ungus (among others), and live mural installation, it sounds like Oh Really aren’t going quietly into the night. So get on down for a parting embrace, and raise a glass to the sad demise of this great little space.

What: Oh Really Gallery farewell

Where: Oh Really, 55 Enmore Road

When: Thursday June 9th, 6 – 9pm

How much: Free


Video courtesy of Oh Really Gallery at


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