Preview :: New Moon Blues

August 1st 2011

Are you experiencing SBS? That's Sideshow Burnout Syndrome, and it's common this time of year. Too many bands you love! All playing on the same night! And then again the next night! And your mum wants you to come over for dinner for her birthday or some shit but you can't because you committed to going to James Blake months ago! And you can't buy her a present because you've spent all your pay on beer and weed and cabs home from the Townie at 3am on weekdays! And you're hearing epic dreamy reverb on everything, from your ringtone to the microwave humming as it reheats the Istanbul pizza you're having for breakfast… at 3pm!

Sound familiar? Seems to me like you need a cosy, cuddly night out, with no beer and lots of cookies and some sweet folk and chilled beats. Not-for-profit collective New Moon Blues are having their monthly gig at Hibernian House, featuring the sounds of Sydney acts Lissa and duo Achoo! Bless You, as well as Brazilian import Blackjack slipping you some winter's-eve beats between sets. It's also a booze- and drug-free event – there's their secret-recipe chilli chai and so much delicious comfort food (read: soup and baked goods) you might not want to venture back out into the mean streets of kebab shops and dub-folkcore buzz bands from LA. For a while, anyway.

Plus, your entry fee for each NMB gig goes towards a different charity each time – this month, it's for the Australian Orangutan Project. Oh, and 50c from each entry goes to your very own FBi Radio. Music, monkeys and a mellow Monday night – sounds like a good deal to us.

What: New Moon Blues
Where: Hibernian House, 342 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills
When: Monday August 1 (tonight!), 7pm
How much: $10, or you can bake or make something for your entry! See the Facebook event page or get in touch with them for details.


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